Thursday, 7 January 2010

Thoth Silk Tarot Bag - Knitting

Yet another Tarot bag, and it's for me again! :) Can I help it if I need a little spoiling?

Just before Christmas I bought the medium-sized Thoth Tarot deck from Mysteries in Covent Garden (carrying it home was interesting, it made me dizzy and I hadn't even opened it!) and it needed a bag.

I'd bought some pale silk-and-wool blend yarn from Creations yarn shop in Barnes (highly recommended shop, the German lady is a riot, just remember to bring change as she never has any!) to make a "Cryptic Father Christmas" present for the London Tarot Study Group party, and so I used it up for this! It looks a lot like the gifted bag which I forgot to photograph, but a little shorter and I didn't have the lovely ribbon I used for the gift bag, but did find some nice beads.

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