Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Whole Blankets - Crochet

I've made two crochet blankets just going around in a big Granny Square. The first I made mostly over the Christmas/New Year of 2006/07 when on holiday to Denmark to take a break from the stresses of finishing my final year at University.

For some reason I had asked my mum to teach me how to crochet after seeing her creating a blanket and supposed it must be therapeutic, which it turned out to be! This was the first thing I made using yarn and I haven't looked back since.

I made this big "blanket" which I gave to my grandmother as a Christmas gift. She was diagnosed with cancer this Christmas (2008/09) and has worn it throughout her radiotherapy and time in hospital. So, my therapy has become hers! EDIT: when Nana died after fighting the cancer for most of 2009 she still had the blanket with her.

The blanket around Monkey was a quick job compared to the massive Nana blanket above. I finished it up after this photo was taken with some tassles, and sent it to a friend who'd just had a baby. She sent me back a photo of her baby wrapped up in the blanket :)

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